Institution and the City/ City in the Institution (Stone Carving)

An intuitive project that followed the Corridor Space. It is the deconstruction of the ‘Institution and the City’ project in its fundamental components and also a reinterpretation of project title.

The sculpture is very ordered and in almost flawless geometry which signifies the importance of the existence of the institution while its face is a literal indication of its purpose; honouring education. The two front sides can be seen communicating but also independent.
The back side of the sculpture is unpolished thus its surface is rough and scaling up. An attempt to reveal the struggle to success is not an easy path to pursue.

Material: Travertine (Tivoli)
Labour to complete: 10 days


5th Year Architecture – A J Publication (Architectural Journal)

Demanding Attention.

It has been a year from this project completion, and it is time now to honour this unprecedented success by uploading this post in my blog.
This is a model in a scale 1/10 and it was recreated from a real setting in my university in its exact proportions and positioning of the picture taken. All made from paper and card in respect to textures, lighting and atmosphere.
I always thought this is an example of pure symmetry, however I lean to a more ‘golden section’ inspired creation.