The Indistinct Application and the “Inside Out” – Product Design

I might add, that it is the transcendence of the academic to the professional.
I am honoured to install this product on site.
The current owners are currently enthused with the idea that their exterior will be finally comfortable to use
Isn’t it what architecture is all about? Providing solutions…

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This project has begun from the cradle of my school Unit, consisting a step in the laborious design process.
I had to understand the true potential of the pub’s interior; in this case the’ Wenlock Arms’. Instinctive observations and methodical recordings were needed in order to begin a deeper connection with the space content. The project begun with the ‘Fragment’ task, otherwise the  indication of noteworthy objects that if removed or replaced would alter the existing condition irreversibly. My interpretation of the special ingredient of the pub was already located outside. It was chosen by  a set of observations during my research.

The marvel begun to occur by the time the smoking ban was implemented in the United Kingdom and smokers were restricted to enjoy their habit outside. The intriguing aspect that lead me to proceed with my study was the detailed carpentry and the light and shadow textures. My reading was to translate these elements into a line-drawing the same way, I translated the interior elevations of the Pub.


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