Making Space – Materiality, Typology and Spatiality

The choice of material for achieving the relationship of materiality, visual stimulation and harmony has been a conscious decision since the process of making the Skeleton model. Despite the fact that plywood is a cheap material, and its grain is a given element at its assemblage, a careful reinterpretation of its surfacing formed the vessel for this semester thesis project. Model-making, drawing and thought-process have been driven by this conceptual gesture that have been primarily informed by first semester work. This is evident from the models for the site analysis and it will be the case for the resolution of the design process that will follow.The approach is the combination of the narrative in Jorn Utzon’s Bagsvaerd Kirke with the process of profiling of the contour in the Wenlock Arms.

The obsession with the shape and the excitement in carpentry have driven this design. The Skeleton is subtle externally but playful internally. The narrative is following the concept strategic openings that allow sunlight to infiltrate while the bright undulating roof structure is starting to play with light and shadow. Careful and meticulous work is part of this project. The current model is not a mere projection of surfaces that interact with light. This skeleton project has to show skill, care and involvement, a similar approach to the precedent studies of the Saynatsalo Town Hall and the Walsall Art Gallery.The lining of the plywood used is a revealing attitude and intention. The 45 degree angle signifies the passage of light and probably the direction of the bricklaying, while horizontal linings reveal the modulor used.

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