My First Resolved Architectural Conception

Design Miami/Basel 2011 is my break –¬†Production Assistant @ Carpenters Workshop Gallery

The Long Awaited installment is, at last, on display in BASEL.

This project began in the early March, by the time I was employed at the Gallery. All the pieces along with the set-design, vinyls and technical specifications were pre-considered on paper. It was realised thanks to the consistent correspondence between the FAIR and the GALLERY.

Most of the pieces on the 3D Model are ‘pre-conceptual’ which means that the artists waited for the moment of revelation at the fair. I had to base the design on blueprints and prototype photos. This is mainly the reason that the originals and the mock-ups aren’t similar.

I am glad that I had to overcome this issue, though; I somehow connected with the intention, the art and possibly the artist/designer. I felt I was the creator and for a moment, while I was sunk within sketches, notes and drawings , I felt like the work was mine.


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