My Ethos

London, 22 June 2011


Mario Soustiel Grad. Dip Arch PART II (ARB/RIBA)
Architectural Assistant / Designer
tel. ++44 (0) 78 3876 9093

“My work is complemented by the contribution of group members. I seek to work within groups where
ideas can circulate and evolve into high quality design work. Particularly concerned about quality and
results in respect to deadlines, I am highly experienced in presentation and visualization and I have a clear
understanding in producing detailed drawings using a huge variety of software and handicraft skills.”


My name is Mario Soustiel and I am a recent graduate student from Kingston University London, with a Part II Graduate Diploma in Architecture, RIBA accredited.

As an Architectural Professional, during my Part I year-out programme, I have been employed by the architectural practice of ‘PMakridis + Associates’, in Thessaloniki, Greece where I quickly earned the trust to co-manage small projects. My position had to demonstrate the ability to produce technical and representational pieces of work to initiate the first stages of the synthesis and competition work. In addition, I volunteered to update the material archive of the office in terms of efficiency and cost.

As a Production Assistant, at Carpenter Workshop Gallery, I am responsible for the Rolodex and Inventory keeping and duties involving Set Design, Press kits and promotion, while I am fully responsible for any refurbishment projects undertaken at the Permanent Gallery Showrooms in London and Paris. My architectural background has been beneficial for a smoother, fast-paced time schedule in the Gallery where 3d Simulations and technical issues are often a high priority. This professional experience has definitely broadened my perception of Art and Design and helped me to improve my communication skills with other professionals.

As a Model-Maker, I am equipped with a fascination in IT skills and a wide range of handicraft and modelmaking skills, which it has given me the opportunity to experiment with representation techniques in many different levels. I have worked on plenty of different materials over the years and tried to reach a high level of wood and metal processing for my models. In Kingston University Workshop, I have used the CNC, Zünd pattern cutter, Laser Cutter and 3D scanner and I am equally fast and accurate with handcrafting.

As a Researcher / Teaching Assistant in Kingston University for the C-Scaipe Programme, I researched the context for identifying and inventing Sustainable Communities and represented the architectural profession in the research for identifying sustainable communities amongst other professions of the construction industry.

As an All-Rounder, I aspire to become an Interior – Graphic – Web Designer, Carpenter, Model-maker, Sculptor and a Columnist / Blogger and this is the main reason I chose to work in Carpenters Workshop Gallery. I am willing to diversify and enhance my experiences and knowledge throughout the art-world but not solely in the environment of conception and history but also in the business department.

–In regard to my professional etiquette, I have a very flexible and adaptive schedule with no commitments. Please find next my CV and samples of work – There is an extensive collection of my work and display of my work ethos in my blog. Don’t hesitate to contact me on the phone. —

London, 29 November 2010

Personal Statement

Architecture has always been extremely attractive to me. It is a rather fascinating and intriguing field of studies and a fulfilling subject for a professional career, giving one the potential and opportunity to be creative and innovative.

Personally, simplicity and direct thinking drive me, but the main reason I studied Architecture was the fact that it is a field drawn upon many other, such as art, math and history. I am fan of an “honest” architecture that involves all stages of its development, such as the graceful interpretation of it by Alvar Aalto. I worked extensively on Aalto’s organic architecture and his rather pioneering ideas. I adore the honest struggle of all modernists and phenomenologists who have achieved their architectural revival. In all my works, I use simple thinking, direct connections between abstract shapes and traditional principals of design so that they can be easily apprehended. I consider architecture as a sequence of actions that begin from vague blocks and end to become complex systems with diverse qualities. Recently, my architectural thinking has evolved into more brave and risky ideas that are primarily influenced by innovative structural language but with simple tectonics and this is mainly due to my principals that dictate that “the more accessible design is, the more it offers to the client and public”.

I am currently a holder of a Graduate Diploma in Architecture (Part II) from Kingston University in London, and I have worked as a Part I Architectural Assistant in one of the most prominent Architectural Offices in Thessaloníki of Petros Makrides + Associates. I took part in various competitions in a design team, managed the material archives for potential future projects, got involved in the design and production of the main website and supported the architectural team in various projects in the domain of client consult and physical 3D representational methods.

During my studies, I tried to grasp the true meaning of Architecture, to learn to organize my work frame and ultimately to find communicational diodes between my work and the audience. The final year of has been characterized by group work and integrated educational backgrounds where I happened to have the leading role amongst my teammates. I was honored to represent my school Unit in an exhibition for the Croydon Council in the United Kingdom and my work has also been published in the prominent Architectural Journal and Building Design journals.

My professional experience proved to be positioned at the pinnacle of my interests. I had to face real challenges, such as strict deadlines, many hard-working hours, in order to prove myself to my colleagues and to my manager. At the office, I had the chance to be included in landscaping, interior design, traditional construction and a couple of Urban Planning Projects, in which I tried to give as much of myself and my education.

By accepting me in your design team I can assure you with confidence that I would be a dedicated team member and my skills will certainly benefit the work that will be produced.

Mario Soustiel


I have been reading about architecture for the past 5 years and I constantly change my view and my principal thinking. By principal thinking I mean my ideology towards the term, while I feel gradually more confident to express myself.

I am at my final year and soon I will be entering the realm of a face to face relationship with architecture. However, engaging architecture is my topic for now and not the difficulties of getting employed or sponsored or winning competitions etc – issues that concern the majority of professionals.
I have been taught that architecture is art and science in one and several times I have heard and read that architecture involves painting, music, photography and physics, mathematics and chemistry. My experience is that architecture is something above all these, the epitome of general knowledge. “the civil engineer is someone that knows everything about something, but the architect is someone that knows something about everything” – this quote is representational for the profession in my point of view although it is hardly complimentary for architects, especially now that society was craving specialisation.
I am happy that at least I can be part of a conversation whatever the topic, and not begin to discuss something that could potentially let others get bored because of the context. I feel flattered that I have the chance to poke my nose in everything and this is what I really want to express in this short text.
The Architecture School has taught me how to be mature, to engage with people, to be sociable, to marketise myself. In addition, it has taught me how to write essays, articles, to be critical and to get involved with the politics of society. Dealing with the environment and our well-being, status and quality of living. Engaging with the arts, sciences and with our traditions and ethics. Research, experimentation, creativity, innovation. I believe that all these are me or are going to be me in the future…

Thank you